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Step One:
Click "OK" to register for our 
On-line Certification Correspondence Course !!!

Special Exam locations are available anywhere 
in Minnesota when registering three or more persons.  Foodsafe will consider all locations depending on number of registrations and location.

Exam Testing Sites
Alexandria, Minnesota
Benson, Minnesota
Bloomington, Minnesota
Duluth, Minnesota
Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Glenwood, Minnesota
Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Mankato, Minnesota
Maple Grove, Minnesota
Marshall, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Moorhead, Minnesota
Morris, Minnesota
Owatonna, Minnesota
St. Cloud, Minnesota
St. Paul, Minnesota
Willmar, Minnesota
Virginia, Minnesota
E-mail Foodsafe
to request specific 
examination location
not present above.


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Step Three:
Take the Practice 
Certification Examination

Click HERE to take examination

Step Four and Five:
Within 48 hours of taking the Practice Exam
a Foodsafe Representative will contact you 
to schedule your Certification Examination.

When you meet with the Foodsafe 
Representative, you will receive your 
Minnesota Department of Health's 
Certification Application.

Foodsafe's On-line Food Manager Certification Correspondence Course is based on 
our popular Coursebook Course.  The course is completed in five easy steps:

  Step One:Register by clicking on the below link.

  Step Two:Fully read Foodsafe's On-line Food Manager Certification Coursebook by clicking on the below link.
  Step Three:     Complete the Certification Practice Examination.  The examination consists of 100 multiple choice
  question.  The purpose of the practice examination is to ensure you have obtained the necessary 
   information to pass the Certification Examination.  The answers will be forwarded to Foodsafe for 
  Step Four:A Foodsafe representative will contact you to set-up a 1 to 1 meeting to take your Certification 
   Exam.  We have testing locations through-out Minnesota.  On many occasions, we will be able to
   meet you at your establishment to complete the examination.  

  Establishments who register three or more participants
  Foodsafe will give examination at your establishment. 
  Step Five:       Complete the Minnesota Dept of Health's Certification Application.  Your Foodsafe representative will 
   give you this application when you take your Certification Exam.  Send the completed application with 
   your Examination Certificate to the address provided on the form with the required fee of $35.00.

Step Two:

Read the Food Manager 
Certification Coursebook

Click HERE to read coursebook

(This is a large file and may take a minute or two to download). 

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