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1.  What is the maximum temperature cold chicken must be on a buffet?
2.  What is the maximum temperature shell eggs can be received at?
3.  Ground turkey must be cooked to what minimum internal temperature?
4.  How long must shell stock identification tags be retained?
5.  Which bacteria is commonly found on raw chicken?
6.  What virus is common associated with food due to poor personal hygiene?
7.  Raw cut tomatoes must be kept at or below what temperature? 
8.  Using the ice point method, a thermometer must be calibrated to what temperature?
9.  When sanitizing a food contact surface, iodine should be at what concentration?
10.  Baked beans on a hot buffet must be at what minimum temperature?
11.  What bacteria is often associated with raw hamburger?
12.  Food must be stored a minimum of ____ inches off the floor?
13.  Time / Temperature Controlled for Safety foods must be rapidly reheated to what temperature?
14.  What is the minimum manual hot water sanitizing temperature?
15.  How many steps are there to a HACCP Plan?
16.  What bacteria is commonly associated with improperly processed home-canned foods?
17.  Which of the following is most likely to cause foodborne illness?
18.  Chemical test strips measure what?
19.  The parasitic illness anisakiasis is associated with what type of food?
20.  Staph aureus bacteria are typically found on?
21.  If water service is interrupted at a food service establishment, what should the manager do?
22.  After preparation, how many days may potato salad be kept in the refrigerator?
23.  What is the minimum hot water temperature required at a handwashing sink?
24.  What is the minimum chemical concentration for chlorine when sanitizing food contact surfaces?:
25.  What is the minimum internal cooking temperature for eggs?
26.  Which item must be kept at or below 41 F?
27.  How long can food be kept on the buffet provided that all temperature requirements are met?
28. Which bacteria is associated with raw vegetables?
29.  How often should you measure temperatures on a hot buffet?
30.  A thermometer used to check final cooking temperatures must have a range of ___. 
31.  Pork chops must be cooked to a minimum internal temperature of?
32.  How long should employees wash their hands?
33.  All of the following are signs of spoiled fish except?
34.  What virus must be reported to the Regulatory Authority?
35.  In the refrigerator, where should the thermometer be placed ?
36.  Using the boiling point method, what temperature do you calibrate a thermometer to?
37.  An employee is ill with Shigellosis foodborne illness.  What should the manager do?
38.  Thermometers must be accurate to:
39.  Which of the following is not required to be at a handwashing sink station?:
40.  You must cool food from 140 F to 70 F within 2 hours and then 70 F to 41 F in ____ hours?
41.  Trichinosis is an illness associated with the consumption of what undercooked food product?
42.  What is the BEST method for safely thawing foods?
43.  What water temperature should be used when conducting chemical sanitizing in a 3 compartment sink?
44.  Peeled citrus fruit or other acidic foods can be served in all of the following containers except:
45.  What is the maximum time a cold chicken salad can be present in the temperature danger zone?:
46.  Food employee can be vaccinated for which virus?:
47.  All of the following are Time / Temperature Control for Safety Foods EXCEPT:
48.  When sanitizing food contact surfaces, Quant Sanitizer must be at what minimum concentration?
49.  Foods must be reheated to 165 F within ____ hours.
50.  Cross contamination may occur if:
51.  All of the following are acceptable refrigerated food storage practices EXCEPT:
52.  What does the acronym MSDS stand for?
53.  All of the following are acceptable cooling methods EXCEPT:
54.  Which of the following is the BEST method for cooling chili?
55.  The minimum internal cooking temperature for fish is:
56.  Which of the following food can be safely stored at room temperature?
57.  Unpasteurized milk products may be contaminated with which bacteria?:
58.  What is the minimum cooking temperature for raw bacon?
59.  If you are using one-stage cooling method - how fast does food need to be cooled (hint: it is quicker than two-stage cooling)?
60.  If an employee has diarrhea, the food manager must:
61.  All employees must be trained in which of the following activities?
62.  Identify the correct sanitizing process.
63.  After smoking, an employee must do which of the following activities?
64.  What is the minimum air gap distance?
65.  Which bacteria produces toxin?
66.  Shigella bacteria is most likely found on?
67.  How often should an in-use cutting board be sanitized?
68.  Where should pudding be stored in the refrigerator?
69.  What should you do if an employee told you he/she has HIV?
70.  What is the first action you do if raw sewage is backing-up in the food preparation area?
71.  Are employees allowed to wear rings while preparing food?
72.  What person must be present at the establishment during all hour of operation?
73.  What are the responsibilities of the Person in Charge?
74.  What five illnesses must the Person in Charge report to the Regulatory Authority?
75.  What is a Time / Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) Food?
76.  Food contaminated by a cleaning agent is called?
77.  All of the following people are at a higher risk of contracting a foodborne illness EXCEPT:
78.  How long should microwaved food be kept covered after cooking is complete?
79.  Which parasite is associated with wild game animals and undercooked pork?
80.  Which of the following can reproduce in foods?
81.  What is a critical control point?
82.  A method of food product rotation is called what?
83.  What products are not regulated by the USDA (do not have an inspection stamp)?
84  Which of the following foods are considered to be an allergen?
85.  What would be an indication that frozen food has been thawed and refrozen?
86.  What is the minimum cooking temperature for ground pork?
87.  Microwaved foods must be cooked to what minimum internal temperature?
88.  A food employee informs you they have Shigellosis. What should you do?.
89.  What does it mean to sanitize?
90.  All of the following things are important to remember when using and storing toxic items EXCEPT:
91.  Freezing temperatures will kill which of the following microorganisms?
92.  What is the minimum pH that bacteria can reproduce at?
93.  What is the minimum water activity that bacteria can reproduce at?
94.  What is the minimum wash water temperature when conducting manual chemical sanitize?
95.  What food product is most commonly associated with Hep A?
96.  What is the minimum rinse water temperature when conducting manual chemical sanitize?
97.  All equipment in the food establishment must meet what requirement?
98.  How long do you need to cook hamburger to 155 F?
99.  Which of the following would be considered a Time / Temperature Controlled for Safety Food?
100.  Which of the following bacteria are considered anaerobic?
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