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Frequently Asked Questions
Below are several of the most common frequently asked questions received by Foodsafe.  If your question is not listed, please feel free to contact us toll free by calling (877) 723-3660 or e-mail us.
How do I turn off my computer's pop-up blocker for the Recertification Program?
Pop-ups are used for our Recertification On-Line Interactive Course.  For the site to work correctly, the pop-
up blockers must be temporarily turned off.  Your computer should prompt you when entering the Interactive
Course.  If you are still having difficulties, click HERE for information on how to disabling your pop-up 

I lost my Certificate.  How can I get a copy of my Certificate?

Certificate Replacement
Replacement of an Examination Certificate must be requested directly to the examination company 
by the course participant.  Please contact the examination company directly:
Prometric:(800) 624-2736
Serv-Safe:(800) 765-2122

Replacement of Recertification Certificates are $10.00.  To request a replacement of a Recertification 
Certificate, please send a written request to Foodsafe with the following:

  • Fee of $10.00 (payable to Foodsafe).  
  • Date and location of the course you attended.  If Recertification was completed On-line or through our Recertification Correspondence Course, please indicate this information on your written request.
  • Proper spelling of your name.
  • Self-addressed, stamped envelope.
  • Please send your written request to:
Post Office Box 189
Tyler. Minnesota 56178
What languages do you offer?
The classroom course is only offered in English.  Our main coursebooks are also in English.  Upon 
request, food safety materials and examinations can be provided in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese,
Japanese, and Arabic.  Additional lead time may be required by Foodsafe to obtain these materials so 
early registration is required (six weeks prior to class).
How hard is the Examination?
The examinations are 80 to 90 multiple choice questions (the number of questions differs between Prometric 
& Serv-Safe Examinations).  We find that participants who read the coursebook prior to class and pay 
attention during the class, do not have any problems passing the examination.

When taking the On-line Interactive Recertification Course, do I need to complete the course in one setting?

Our system is set-up so that when a participant starts the On-Line Interactive Course, you must complete 
the course all in one setting.  As long as you leave your computer turned on and on the interactive site, 
you would be able to take short breaks (i.e.. bathroom breaks). 
I took a Serv-Safe Class several years ago.  Can I just apply for Certification in Minnesota?

If you took and passed a Serv-Safe class within the last three years, you can simply apply for Certification 
in Minnesota by clicking HERE.

If it has been longer than three years, you must go through the entire process again.  More information is 
available on this subject by going to the Minnesota Department of Health website.  Click HERE.

Foodsafe sent me a Notice of Expiration for my Certified Food Manager Certificate.  My Certificate shows a different date.  Did Foodsafe make a mistake?

You received a Notice of Expiration from Foodsafe because according to the Minnesota Department of 
Health, your Minnesota Food Manager will expire within six months.  Remember, your Examination 
Certificate (which you only need when initially applying for your Minnesota Certified Food Manager 
Certificate) will expire in Five Years; however, your Minnesota Food Manager Certificate expires after 
Three Years.  You must keep your Minnesota Food Manager Certification current at all times - thus 
Foodsafe did not make a mistake and your certificate will expire as indicated in the notice.  To look up
your expiration status, you can go to the Minnesota Department of Health's website by clicking HERE.
There are two options on your Registration Form to become Certified.  Food Manager Course - Serv-Safe Exam and Food Manager course - Prometric Exam.  Which option is right for me?

Both classes and examinations will accomplish the same thing - you becoming a Minnesota Certified 
Food Manager.  Typically Foodsafe offers Food Manager Certification - Prometric Examination due to the 
lower administrative cost and flexibility of scheduling examinations.  Some companies (Burger King / 
McDonalds / Taco John's) require the Serv-Safe Examination - thus Foodsafe provides both types of 
exams.  If you are planning on representing a "Mom and Pop" type of establishment, choose the 
Prometric Examination option.  If you are currently employed with Burger King / McDonalds / Taco Johns, 
choose the Serv-Safe option.  Both examinations are very similar, however the Serv-Safe examination is 
more costly, thus the higher registration fee.
My inspector told me that I need to become a Certified Food Manager - our menu is very basic - do I really need to become Certified?

Your Inspector is the person most familiar with your operation.  If your inspector indicates that you
need to become Certified, you need to make arrangements to become Certified.  

Most food establishments, with some exceptions listed below, are required to have a Certified Food

Some of the establishments that do not have to employ a certified food manager are:

Food establishments where food preparation activities are only one or more of these:
-Heating or serving precooked hot dogs or sausages, popcorn, nachos, pretzels or frozen pizza.
-Preparing or serving continental breakfast.
-Preparing or serving beverages or ice.
-Grinding coffee beans.
-Packaging non-potentially hazardous foods.
-Serving bulk foods.
-Processing raw meat, poultry, fish or wild game intended for further cooking after sale.
-Heating as the only preparation for a bakery product.
-Providing prepackaged food in its original package.
-Cleaning or sanitizing eating, drinking or cooking utensils.
-Boarding establishments, bed and breakfast facilities, child care or adult day care facilities that
serve 18 or fewer meals per mealtime.
-Food carts, mobile food units, seasonal permanent or temporary food stands, special event food
stands, retail food vehicles, portable structures, carts or vending machines.
-An establishment that provides no more 1 meal/week and its main purpose is not food service.
-A nursing home, hospital, or supervised living facility, if only patients and staff are served.

More information is available on this subject by going to the Minnesota Department of Health website.  
Click HERE.
Will you be having a class in my area?

Foodsafe's current course offerings are listed HERE.  If your city or area is not listed, Foodsafe does
not have a class in your area.  Foodsafe does offer an option to Schedule a Certification /
Recertification Classes in your area.  Information on how to Schedule a Certification / Recertification 
Class can be obtained by clicking HERE.

Foodsafe also offers Correspondence Courses (Certification and Recertification) throughout Minnesota.  
These Correspondence Courses can be accomplished either on-line or through a Coursebook Method.  
For Foodsafe's Certification Correspondence Course - click HERE.  For Foodsafe's Recertification 
Course - Click HERE
My Minnesota Department of Health Certificate has expired.  Can I still recertify?

If your Minnesota Department of Health's Certified Food Manager Certificate has expired you may still 
be able to recertify.  You may recertify up to a year past your expiration date.  If your certificate has 
expired for more than a year, you must start the entire process over again.  To look up your expiration 
status, you may go to the Minnesota Department of Health's website by clicking HERE.  You may 
also contact the Minnesota Department of Health by calling (651) 201-4500.
Renew a Minnesota Food Manager Certificate

You must renew your Minnesota Food Manager Certificate every three years. The expiration date is
displayed on you Minnesota Food Manager Certificate.

Attend a food manager renewal course providing a total of at least four hours of training. 
Each course must have covered at least one of these subjects: food sanitation and safety,  
proper food preparation and handling, or the prevention of foodborne illness

Obtain proof of having attended the training. Keep this proof and the course agenda until applying for 
renewal of the food manager certificate.

Foodsafe offers three options to become Recertified in Minnesota.

Option 1:Attend a classroom style Food Manager Recertification Course
     A listing of Foodsafe's Current Classroom Offerings are listed HERE.

Option 2:Food Manager Recertification Course Correspondence - On-Line

Option 3:Food Manager Recertification Course Correspondence - Textbook Method

Apply for Renewal of the Minnesota Food Manager Certificate: 

With the application, include:
(1)  Proof of attending a Food Manager Recertification Course
(2)  A $35 check or money order payable to the Minnesota Department of Health.

Mail the completed application and the required attachments to:

Minnesota Department of Health
Environmental Health Division
Food Manager Certification - Freeman Building
625 Robert St. N, P.O. Box 64495
St. Paul, MN 55164-0495
How do I become a Certified Food Manager? 

  • Initial Minnesota Food Manager Certificate

Foodsafe offers three options to become Certified in Minnesota.

Option 1:Attend a classroom style Food Manager Certification Course
     A listing of Foodsafe's Current Classroom Offerings are listed HERE.

Option 2:Food Manager Certification Course Correspondence - On-Line

Option 3:Food Manager Certification Course Correspondence - Textbook Method

After completion of any of the training options above, you must take a Certification Examination.  These
examinations are conducted face-to-face with one of our trained Certification Proctors.  There are three
examinations that the Minnesota Department of Health recognizes:  

Serv-Safe Certification Examination

Prometric's Certified Professional Food Manager Examination

Food Protection Certification Examination of Professional Testing, Inc.

Foodsafe offers all of the above examinations.  After completion of the Certification Examination, the 
participant must apply for a Minnesota Food Manager Certificate as specified below:

Apply for a Minnesota Food Manager Certificate. 
With the application, include:
(1)  Proof of having attended a food manager course
(2)  Proof of having passed one of the recognized exams
(3)  A $35 check or money order payable to the Minnesota Department of Health.

Mail the completed application and the attachments required to:

Minnesota Department of Health
Environmental Health Division
Food Manager Certification - Freeman Building
625 Robert St. N, P.O. Box 64495
St. Paul, MN 55164-0495
Are Foodsafe Courses approved?
  • Yes !  All of our courses are approved by the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to meet the Minnesota Certified Food Manager Rule.  All of our courses are also approved by the Wisconsin Department of Health for both Certification and Recertification.
Course Policies:

Foodsafe recommends reading the course material prior to the classroom course.  We always attempt to send a book and confirmation letter to the participant upon registration.  If you register late (less than five days prior to the course), we will send you the coursebook and confirmation letter via e-mail.  A hard copy book will be given to you at the time of the class.     

Rescheduling.  Foodsafe will reschedule a participant into a new course / location at no charge if we receive the request prior to the course.  Please send an e-mail to foodsafe@gmail.com with your rescheduling request.  Please specify the date you can no longer attend and the new date you wish to attend.  Please always include your name, mailing information, and e-mail address in all e-mails to Foodsafe.  

Foodsafe will cancel a course when dangerous driving conditions are predicted by the National Weather Service.  Participants may reschedule into any course offered by Foodsafe at no additional charge.

Foodsafe makes all attempts to provide the advertised course on the pre-scheduled date.  Due to unforeseen circumstances (low registrations at a specific site, meeting room venue changes, or instructor illness / emergency), Foodsafe may need to post-pone or cancel a pre-scheduled course.  If the course is cancelled, Foodsafe will reschedule all participants to any of our other course locations or our On-line Certification / Recertification Courses. If these options are unacceptable to the participant, the collected registration fees will be listed as a credit with Foodsafe.  Any credit with Foodsafe may be applied towards any future course location or on-line training.  Foodsafe requests that all credits be used within the calendar year in which it was issued.  Foodsafe shall extend a credit past a year if requested by the participant and/or establishment. 

No Shows.  Foodsafe must be notified prior to the course date if a participant will not be able to attend the course.  If Foodsafe is not notified prior to the course, the participant must re-register and re-pay to attend a future course.    

Establishments may substitute a person for one who can not attend a schedule course.  Please e-mail Foodsafe with the name of the person who cannot attend and the name of the person that will attend the course.   Please send an e-mail to foodsafe@gmail.com with your substitute request.